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EPG Projektledning


Torslanda, Göteborg




765 sqm

November 3, 2010:

Volvo Cars main entrance

Proposal for a modest renovation of the main entrance of Volvo Cars Corporation, in the building that was awarded the local Architecture Prize in 1967.

With the use of small means, the design aims for a careful renewal of the large entrance space, which is characterized by natural materials like shale and concrete and is a combination of reception lobby and car exhibition.

Central in the design is the replacement of the old worn metal cassette ceiling with modern expanded metal panels and integrated light fittings. The room is extended by incorporating a backspace previously hidden, thereby creating a new combined reception and coffee bar. The glass panels in the exterior wall are exchanged for improved daylight and logistics of cars on exhibit. The Lammhult Chicago chair is used throughout the space.

Outside, the entrance canopy is upgraded with a large skylight and a new wooden ceiling illuminated by sturdy uplights.