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Tvåtumfyra Building Company


Solsten, Mölnlycke




760 sqm

Photo: Ulf Celander

August 11, 2008:


Behind solid planks painted in traditional red and black distemper paint, Tvåtumfyra Building Company has moved in and is now in operation.

The building is situated at the end of Solsten industrial estate in Mölnlycke outside Göteborg, announcing itself by the skew, projecting roof over the entrance. The main facade and the bottom of the roof form a common red surface, with the rest of the walls painted black.

Once through the main entrance, you reach lunch room and changing facilities for the staff. Visitors continue up the stairs, and reach the office spaces. An open space and conference room take up the northern end, while individual cell offices encircle a central project room. In the southern end is the large production hall.

The building is meant to represent the straightforward and honest profile of the company, but also the search for individual solutions.