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Project facts:


Competition project


The City of Stockholm


Sergels torg



June 5, 2000:

Awarded proposal for Sergel Tower

A slender building with glazed curtain-wall facades was Erik's entry in the open competition for a high-rise building on Sergel's Torg in Stockholm.

The concept is to keep the new building in the north-west corner of the square as slender as possible. The popular stairs towards Drottninggatan could actually be made wider with the new building, and would be accompanied on the side by its vertical glazed curtain-wall facade and wooden details.

With new escalators on both sides of Klarabergsgatan and a completely new entrance towards Sergel's Torg, the main objective is to arrange for good entrance / exit situations between the underground station T-centralen and Sergel's Torg. With improved views and clear directions, visitors are easily able to find their ways.

The first two floors above entrance level contains a café, followed by six office floors. On top is a sky-bar with great views of the Stockholm skyline.

The proposal was awarded a fifth prize, just behind the projects of the four invited offices of Wingårdhs, Bergs, Pawson Williams and Arndt & Malmquist.