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Swedish Armed Forces






320 sqm

February 28, 2005:

Military restaurant

The military staff at Skredsvik on the Swedish west coast was in need of a new restaurant, since the former facilities onboard a floating vessel were no longer present. Linnstudio made this sketch for a wooden building with a big panorama window to make use of the beautiful site by the sea.

The building is located right by the water, with the steep terrain close behind. The characteristic skylight permits a visual contact with the slope, while also allowing plenty of daylight for the dining room. A protected terrace in front of the big glass partition makes it possible to sit outside for extensive periods of the year.

The facades are designed with vertical wooden boards, treated with ferrous sulphate. In contrast to these naturally grey surfaces, the inside panels are treated with oil to a warmer tone.

At a later stage, the restaurant was moved further up the hill, and swapped for another project.