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Swedish Fortifications Agency






600 sqm

September 21, 2007:

'Stora villan' in Skredsvik

After renovation, the so called 'Stora Villan' in Skredsvik is now in use again, but now as a command quarters. The visiting officers appreciate the intricate wooden building with its nooks and corners.

The villa, which was completed in 1900, is situated at a high point in the Skredsvik terrain, looking out over the landscape and the Gullmar fiord. From the heavy granite base, the wooden constructions are projected in several steps, underlining the dramatic situation. A large drawing-room lies asymmetrically in the main volume of the house, with a large window to the south. To the west is an extension from the 1950:s.

In 2004 Linnstudio was asked to look at the possibilities of renovating the old building into a functioning state. It had then been disused for several years, and was in great need of an overhaul. The proposal focused on keeping the main drawing room largely in original condition, while secondary spaces were converted into officers' quarters.

Therefore the former radio communication central, kitchen and dinging rooms are now transformed into plain but functional living rooms, and the previously quite scattered interior is now collected into a few subdued colours and materials.

The exterior walls that used to be a kind of chocolate brown are now painted in light grey nuances, accented by ochre yellow window details.