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Lund Cathedral Council






900 sqm

March 15, 2004:

Visitor centre in Lund

By placing the new visitor centre with its large framed windows right next to the old cathedral, the impression of the latter will at all times dominate the big exhibition space in the centre. Between the two buildings, a new concentrated urban space with a reflective water surface is created.

The exhibition space is reached by an entrance in each end, and takes the shape of a long narrow hall with the cathedral just outside. Behind this, the cafeteria and administration are in the southern part of the building. In the gap between the new building and the Arken house, a small courtyard i created that an be used for breaks and small gatherings outside. Above the administration is the conference room.

The material palette consists of glass, light oiled wood panels and the white, smooth concrete.

With the three entrances the building tries to activate all parts of the urban space south of the cathedral. The modern lines of the design contrast to the old heavy walls of brick and stone.