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Kapellplatsen, Göteborg




3 900 sqm

October 23, 2008:

Piazza Cappella

Partnering with Tvåtumfyra, LInnstudio has designed a proposal for the development of Kapellplatsen in central Göteborg. A residential block with store spaces on street level protects the open space from traffic noise, and creates a nice quiet garden space with plenty of sunlight all afternoon. A Piazza Cappella, with a potential to strengthen the central role of this area.

Today Kapellplatsen is a enclosed, neglected albeit green space, sloping towards north east. Thereby it is made part of the traffic environment of Aschebergsgatan, rather than the urban life of Landala Torg. By raising the eastern part of the site, and using the new building for protection against the traffic, a whole new green urban space is created, accessible for everyone.

The new building has 500 sqm of retail space on the ground floor, as well as a new store in the bottom corner, towards Kapellgatan. Above this, there are five floors of flats and a retracted penthouse floor. A total or 28 flats, meant to leased with right of tenancy. With bathrooms adapted to desabled requirements, the flats should be accessible for senior citizens.

A glass protected eternal gallery shields the flats from traffic noise All flats have a balcony facing west.

Along Amund Grefwegatan new parking lots are set up, and space for new retail pavilions is provided in substitute for the present buildings and containers.

Beneath the new piazza, a possible parking garage with some 40 spaces can be created.