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Kirkelig Fellesråd i Oslo

Type of project:

Open competition


Bøler, Oslo, Norway




1 400 sqm

November 22, 2004:

New church in Bøler

In this competition project, a church building and chapel in wood enclose a church green covered with white gravel. Through the gravel large blocks of stone and big pine-trees grow. Together this forms a clear spatial composition in the forest slopes outside Oslo.

The big church room is mostly quite closed from the surroundings. But from above, light comes from high placed windows, and beside the altar a large glazed opening allows a visual contact with the greenery outside.

Around this main space, the other rooms are efficiently organised within the frame set by the wooden structure. The basement below contains most of the community rooms. With the separation in two levels, several activities can be arranged at the same time, without interfering.

The roof is covered with grass, and over all this the cubic bell tower is enthroned with its long tube-shaped bells in brass.