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The City of Stockholm






24 000 sqm

February 8, 2007:

Proposal for Asplund Library competition

A sloping park and three white pavilions were the main components when Linnstudio entered Sweden's biggest architectural competition ever – the extension of Gunnar Asplund's Stockholm City Library.

The main concept for the proposal was to keep Asplund's building from 1928 as the single most important object of the urban space at Sveavägen / Odengatan, by integrating the large extension of the library with Observatory Hill. Not only does this avoid a conflict with Asplund's monumentality and scale, it also makes the Observatory Hill park accessible from Odengatan by a new, more gentle slope.

The new library constitutes a terraced landscape of floors under this sloping roof, with daylight coming in from large glass walls on the sides. Visitors move between the floors with escalators. The white pavilions contain new entrances, and the upper one also houses a café facing the park.

The extension is not attached to Asplund's building above ground – all connections are made in the underground floors. This underlines the solitary object character of the Asplund library.

In the old building, the proposal makes use of the neglected light shafts for new stairs and elevators, bringing new life to these courtyards. In addition to improving the visitor's experience of Asplund's architectural composition, it also makes the building fully accessible for everyone.

The spaces facing Sveavägen are suggested to contain a new restaurant, café and a news room, open 24 hours a day.